Julie Ladimer

I first joined CrossFit Framingham three months after having my second child, and I was sick of feeling “not myself.”  CFF jump started getting my body back after having kids.  I always played sports and was really into running, but this is the most in shape I have ever felt.  If I’m having a bad […]

Dave Howell

I chose CrossFit Framingham because of the people, the coaches and the community. Before joining CFF in November 2015, I was a member of a different CrossFit box for about two years. I’d come and go – and never felt completely comfortable. From day one, the staff and members at CFF made me feel at […]

Sadie Fournier

CrossFit Framingham has a community feel which is inviting to athletes of all levels. I’ve been lifting weights regularly since I was 16 years old. I would always hear about CrossFit and see CrossFit athletes over the years and I found it incredibly intimidating. I was always too scared to visit a CrossFit gym because […]

Adrian Haugabrook

I have always been an athlete and fitness enthusiast and have sought new routines and challenges as I have gotten older. As I am a few months shy of 50, I wanted to find a new physical and mental challenge that was truly total mind, body and soul. I found it at CrossFit Framingham. I […]

Colby Auger

CrossFit Framingham means a lot to me.  It has taught me so much about myself.  But more than that the community that exists at CFF is something unto itself.  In addition to the close friendship I have developed, I also feel that all the members are my friends.  We ban together to get through WODs, […]

Paul Finewood

I joined On-Ramp in February of 2016. While shopping around for a box, I ended up at CrossFit Framingham. I was impressed by the personality of the members and the sense of family that seemed so inviting and continues today. Members of my family have been involved in CrossFit for years back home and finding myself […]

Beth Marsh

CrossFit Framingham to me is all about the community. A community full of people who come together and support one another in and outside of the gym. I come to work out and leave not only feeling like I’ve accomplished something physically but that I’ve spent the last hour with friends! Even though I was […]

Abby Bogovich

What brought you to CrossFit and how did you hear about CrossFit Framingham? -I started CrossFit after hearing about it from crew. I have always done weight training for hockey but once I started crew I wanted to get stronger and many of the movements in CrossFit relate so closely to movements in crew; I […]

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