Is It For Me?

CrossFit looks so intense. Is it mainly for weight lifters and tri-athletes? CrossFit is for anyone who has the desire to get fit. Whether you have run 3 marathons or have never lifted a barbell we’re here to help you attain your fitness goals. All we ask you to bring to class is your determination. We will do the rest.

I can’t imagine doing all those crazy moves I see people doing in CrossFit photos. We  understand! At CrossFit Framingham, you “begin where you are, with what you have”. We maintain very safe practices by requiring everyone to take our introductory “On Ramp” classes. In these 6 classes we safely and methodically teach you the basic lifting moves and introduce you to typical CrossFit workouts. Click here for On Ramp info.

I have some old injuries. Can I still CrossFit? CrossFit is a fantastic way to rehabilitate from old injuries. With your physician’s approval, you will perform modified workouts that will strengthen your muscles and support an old injury.

CrossFit Framingham