Get Started

Step 1: (optional): Participate in a FREE On Ramp class, offered every Monday, Tuesday & Thursday night @ 7:30PM.

  • Meet our coaches and others like yourself who are eager to learn about the CrossFit experience.
  • Learn about the CrossFit culture, the various movements and participate in a workout, tailored to your fitness level.

Step 2: If you like what you’ve experienced, the next step is to attend our mandatory introductory “On Ramp” classes. You will learn all the CrossFit exercises, establishing new habits, receive in depth lectures on fitness and nutrition, and do workouts scaled to your ability. “On Ramp” is on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursday nights at 7:30pm. It is a one month session, with a minimum of 9 classes you must attend. Can’t make these times? Contact us. We’re here to help.

Step 3: Upon graduating from On Ramp your membership will automatically renew at a 3x/week rate and you may begin taking regular CrossFit classes. There are no contracts or obligation to continue.


CrossFit Framingham