Athlete Of The Month

August Athlete of the Month-Dale Tapply!

This August, we take the opportunity to get to know Dale better!

How long have you been with CFF? I joined CFF back in November of 2016 with my wife, Traci.  We did the on ramp classes for 3 weeks and we really enjoyed the classes, movements, and the people at CFF.  It’s truly been a great learning experience for us and it has introduced us to a new way of training.  The experience has been the best!!!

What do you like best?  I enjoy the people, the coaches and the owners at CFF.  I have had such a positive experience in all of these aspects.  I have been able to build some great relationships with the members and it helps drive you to keep coming back.  The coaching staff has been great in helping with motivation and the correction of movements during class and they help to push you.  The owners have been great from just having a conversation with you to setting up various events at the box.   I also enjoy the Saturday classes in which you team up with someone for the WOD.  It’s been a great experience and a great way to meet the members at CFF.

What is your favorite movement and why? All of them!!!  I love the variety that Crossfit offers.  It’s great to come to a class and constantly do varied movements and programs.  It really keeps you on your toes and your body is always trying to adjust.  I always leave CFF feeling like I got a great workout that day and wanting more.

What is your next goal? I want to keep getting stronger on all my movements.  I would really like to get some double unders and muscle ups by the end of the year!!!  I hope that by the next Open in 2018 that I can perform better and stronger than I did in 2017.

What are you most proud of so far? I think competing in the Open in March was exciting for me.  It was all new to me as I have never competed in that type of format before for weight training.  I’m also lucky that I can work out with my wife and my wonderful daughter, Chantal, on a daily basis at CFF.  There is nothing better than spending time with your family!!!

What would you say to someone wanting to try Crossfit out? Give it a try!!!  Come in, do the on ramp classes and see how much you can achieve.  It’s a great environment to work out in– you meet great people, you work on yourself, and it keeps you coming back for more as you begin to see the results!!!

Congratulations, Dale!

CrossFit Framingham