Athlete Of The Month

June Athlete of the Month–Dennis Nations!

This June, we take the opportunity to get to know Dennis better!

  1. How long have you been with CFF? I first walked through the door on Memorial Day 2016…to photograph The Murph workout.  By the end of the day I was so blown away by the energy and achievement I saw that I knew I was coming back to train there, which I did starting in June for onramp.  I started coming regularly in September 2016.  (Allyssa had only been bugging me to come try it out for about three years…how I wish I had started when she first asked!)
  1. What do you like best?  I love that no matter how much I have to struggle to get through a workout everyone else is struggling just as much.  And that we’re all there to support each other.  I’m no longer the high-achieving athlete I was in my 20’s, but I always feel like a peer of the other athletes at CFF.  It’s so great that success is about showing up and gutting it out and pushing yourself just a little bit further each time…not about “beating” others in a particular workout.  Oh…and the 9:30 crew is the best!
  1. What is your favorite movement and why? I’ve come to enjoy some of the core Olympic lifts – cleans, snatches, jerks, etc.  I still struggle with them, but I like the feeling of moving the weight as efficiently as possible.  And the 5-year old in me likes being able to drop the bar from overhead and make a lot of noise.
  1. What is your next goal? I started out the year telling myself that I wanted to push to get as close to RX in WODs as I could.  I’m getting there…some workouts I can push the RX weight for some movements.  I’ve taken a long-range view of my workouts, so I’m trying to get there carefully.
  1. What are you most proud of so far? I find that I take a little bit of pride away from every workout, just being able to complete them.  A year ago I was in awe of what I saw people doing…and now I’m right alongside them doing it as well.  Also, my kids seem to think it’s cool that their dad does CrossFit, so there’s that!
  1. What would you say to someone wanting to try Crossfit out? I would tell them to come for one workout…any workout.  Experience having a coach help find the right scale for movement and weight so they can work hard and get through a workout.  Experience meeting regular people just like them who are there to push themselves and to have fun with their friends.  And experience the sense of accomplishment they’ll feel when they move that weight, reach the bar or finish under the time cap.  It’s awesome!

Congratulations, Dennis!

CrossFit Framingham