5 Tips For Newbies

Walking into CrossFit can be very intimidating. I can’t do all those moves.
We understand! Many people come to our gym feeling intimidated. Take a step outside your comfort zone and call or visit us. (Fear not. No sales pitch!) We’re friendly folks who are passionate about helping you attain your health and fitness goals. We’ll discuss your fitness fears, your fitness dream goals and educate you about how CrossFit can help you attain them in a safe, community environment. Once you learn about CrossFit, your fears will dissipate quickly.

Everyone looks so fit at CrossFit. I’m not.
Most people think they have to be in shape to join CrossFit. Not true. CrossFit is for anyone wanting to improve their level of fitness. We cater to all ages, shapes, and sizes by scaling the workouts to your fitness level. (i.e. Can’t do a push up? Use the wall to push out from until you gain the strength needed to push from the floor.) Whether you have been a couch potato for 20 years or you just ran a marathon, everyone who joins will  benefit from CrossFit.

I am confused about all the different lifting moves and their names.
There is a lot to learn in CrossFit. When you enroll in our introductory On Ramp classes you will safely and methodically learn all the lifting moves and the terminology. During class we encourage everyone to ask the coaches for clarification on a move or a term. The coaches welcome questions. This means you want to learn. Remember: we’re here to help you become the best you can be.

My diet is terrible. I want to eat well, but do I have to follow the Paleo Diet like so many CrossFitters?
Of course not. We offer FREE nutritional support to anyone wanting to establish healthy eating habits. We’ll help you identify a nutrition plan that works best for you.

I’m super competitive. I’m uncomfortable being the last to finish a workout.
In CrossFit there is no such thing as “last”. Everyone scales their workouts. Everyone is competing against themselves. You will learn to leave your ego at the door and focus on self improvement; not trying to beat the person next to you.


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